2017 Samanvita B R

Samanvita in her school uniform in India

Is your child coping well in a normal school after studying in a Montessori school?

I have been asked this question several times by parents when we shifted to India for good. My answer has always been a definite and emphatic “yes” to all those concerned parents. Our journey with Montessori began when our first child was preschool-ready at the age of 2.9 years. I did not want to push my child into formal schooling, just yet. During my search for schools, I read about Eager Kids Montessori and was impressed about the teaching methods and Ms Anjum’s love for teaching and thus began our journey with Montessori.

Our love for the Montessori method and my child’s interest in the school grew multifold each day. Montessori gave my child the ability to explore things on her own and to be independent by the age of 4! She was capable of reading books, getting ready herself and eating without help. The mixed age group learning encourages and influences children in more positive ways than we can imagine. Outside of school my daughter garnered more appreciation each day for her little act of kindness and etiquette which she learnt during her time at Eager Kids.

After the term break, we were introduced to Lodestar Montessori. Samanvita was overjoyed to be back in a new Montessori environment with a few familiar faces. She easily made new friends and taught them Hindi and learnt Mandarin with ease. We were astonished with her learning curve and the ease with which she explained the concepts. I still remember the excitement with which she explained the new discoveries she did ,while petting a pet, polishing a vessel, writing a new alphabet in Chinese etc. We felt Montessori was an extended family- teaching concepts in a playful manner.  The Lodestar team worked tirelessly towards the development of each child. In Lodestar, our girl was also introduced to the piano by Ms Michelle. It was then that we discovered that our child had developed a flare for music and that too with perfection!

Teachers’ and parents have a great impact on a child’s behaviour during their early stages of development. Undoubtedly, Montessori has a great positive influence on a child’s early learning abilities, which in turn, determines how he/she grows into better individuals. When the Montessori children have to return to formal schooling, as we had to do, due to relocation to India, it is evident that children with Montessori education have an edge over children from non-Montessori background.

We will be ever grateful for the strong foundation that Montessori education gave to our child.

Raghavendra and Deepa (Parents of Samanvita)