2019 A K2 graduand

My son has been in Lodestar for 2 years and I’ve witnessed him grow academically and socially. He has been able to forge his own pace in Math and English in the Montessori school, not by memorising, but by systematically working through the Montessori materials under the structured and patient guidance of his guide, Ms Kelly. When he first came to Lodestar, he spoke very little Mandarin, having returned from overseas, but thanks to his gentle and loving Li Lao Shi, he can now comprehend, read and write fluently. More importantly, because of the small group and interactive teaching style, he would choose to learn Mandarin rather than fear it. The guides were also excellent observers of my son, providing accurate feedback and sharing how they took steps to make him feel safe, listened to, develop coping strategies and, as a result, he flourished.

To any parent who might worry if Montessori is not academic enough for K1 and K2, I would like to assure you that because of the concrete learning materials, and the freedom to progress, children learn much more (and remember more deeply) than they would elsewhere. My son is now in Primary One and while that presents new challenges being in a primary-school setting (where learning is more teacher-led) which is comparatively easier than directing one’s own learning, which he had ample opportunity to do in Lodestar.

Jasmine, mother of a K2 graduand