2019 Mihir Deepak Arackal

Mihir at the playground

“Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find and appreciate what is near.” ― Paulo Coelho

Our son, Mihir, who is now 6 years old, started his education in the Montessori 3-6 environment, first at Eager Kids Montessori, and then at Lodestar Montessori Preschool. He graduated out of Lodestar in March 2019 when we re-located to Belgium.

As parents, even though we had confidence in our child, we also had our anxious moments. We would think about how he would adapt in a new country, new language and a traditional school if we ever had to move. He has now finished an academic term in his new school here in Belgium and we are pleasantly relieved to see him doing well and getting positive feedback from his teachers.

He does well in his numeric, verbal and inter-personal skills. He is very independent, observant, curious and has an experimental mind. He was introduced to piano at Lodestar and we became aware of his inclination towards music. He also got interested in chopping, cleaning, sewing and other handiwork things which makes his life much more complete as compared to only learning the alphabet and numbers.

What differentiates Lodestar is a team of passionate, sincere and hardworking guides. The Lodestar team not only educates children but also parents. They conduct free workshops for parents which helps them understand Montessori concepts and shows them how to help their child develop himself to his true potential. Lodestar guides are also very dedicated and they hold the parent-guide meetings during the school holidays. They give one hour per family to discuss all the concerns parents might have. It astonishes us the way Montessori teaches academics. As a mother, I wish I could be as patient and sensitive caretaker of my children as the Lodestar guides.

Looking back at Lodestar; putting Mihir in this environment was not just a unique educational experience for him, but also for us as parents. We feel the credit goes to the solid foundation he received from a Montessori education and we owe a ton of gratitude to the wonderful guides at Lodestar Montessori.

Deepak and Ritu (Parents of Mihir)