Our School

We, at Lodestar Montessori Preschool, are passionate about the Montessori philosophy and desire to create a beautiful environment where both children and adults find joy in. Our environment hopes to cultivate a friendly attitude towards mistakes, encourage passion in learning, inculcate service to one another, and most important of all, foster love within our little community.

We invite you to visit us to understand Montessori philosophy better and also to discuss with us on how we can work together to develop your child’s potential and bring out the best in him/her mentally, emotionally, socially and holistically.

The child should love everything that he learns, for his mental and emotional growths are linked. Whatever is presented to him must be made beautiful and clear, striking his imagination. Once this love has been kindled, all problems confronting the educationist will disappear.

Maria Montessori
Our school

Our Mission

To inspire a passion for life, a love for learning and a desire for service through a safe, loving and mistake-friendly environment based on the principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Our Vision

A world where people can live together peacefully, respect one another and are good stewards of the environment; all this through our children who become the future keepers of our world.