Our Team

Meet Our Lodestar Team

We have put together a team of individuals who work well together! They enjoy working with children and are passionate about the Montessori philosophy. They are responsible in what they do and always strive to do their best. We take great pleasure in introducing you to our team!

Meet Our Elementary Team

Our Lodestar Elementary Team takes care of our elementary children in the elementary school. You can learn more about our team by visiting our website for the elementary school here!

Meet Our Preschool Team

Our Lodestar Preschool Team (comprised of the Keystone and Polaris environments) takes care of our preschool children and you can get to know a little more about them individually below.

Polaris & Keystone environments


Ann Lim has been in the education sector for over 23 years. She has experience in working with children who are infants to elementary age (6-12 years old). She has worked in a Montessori preschool setting for 6 years. Ann has also been a principal in the early childhood sector for more than 10 years. She graduated with a Diploma in Building Management from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Subsequently, she obtained her Diploma in Leadership in Early Childhood from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). She enjoys working with children and likes the Montessori philosophy because it is child-centred and offers a concrete hands-on learning experience to young children.

Polaris Environment

Montessori Guide (3-6)

Kelly Loh is an AMI 3-6 trained Montessori guide with close to 6 years of dedicated experience as a Montessori guide in Singapore and USA. She loves the Montessori approach which respects the child as an individual with their own needs and opinions, and offers them opportunities to discover new things and learn through interacting with their environment. She enjoys working with children and being around them. She holds an AMI diploma from the Montessori Institute Northwest, USA. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Oregon, USA, and a Master’s of Education from Loyola University, Baltimore, USA. Kelly is the lead guide for the Polaris environment.

Assistant Montessori Guide (3-6)

Brenda Lim is a trained preschool teacher and an assistant Montessori guide. She graduated with a Diploma in EDCE (Early Development Care and Education) leadership from Kinderland and QUT (Queensland University). She has 15 years of experience as an early childhood educator and also worked for 4 years with older children (7 to 12 years of age) in a student care setting. Though she is new to the Montessori philosophy, she is intrigued that children are given a beautiful environment with easy access to the materials on the shelves and that they can work individually to explore and discover at their own pace without constraint or interruption.

Chinese Guide (3-6)

李颐培在新加坡从事学前华文教学15年,具有丰富的华文教学经验,她喜欢蒙特梭利教学方法,即孩子们能够在没有压力的环境下自觉主动的学习和探索精神。她喜欢和孩子们在一起。她在Learning Capital受训成为一名学前华文教师。她有学前教育大专文凭。她也拥有中国北京经济学院, 物资管理系, 材料管理专业的学士学位。

Li Yi Pei has been a preschool Chinese guide in Singapore for the past 16 years and she brings with her a rich experience in teaching Chinese. She likes the Montessori philosophy where children are able to learn and explore concepts in a stress-free environment. She also enjoys being with children. She was trained as a preschool Chinese teacher at Learning Capital and has a Diploma in Preschool Education. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Department of Material Management, Beijing Economics College, China.

Keystone Environment

Montessori Guide (3-6)

Christine Lulu is a trained Montessori guide with over 5 years working in a Montessori environment. She is passionate about the Montessori approach because it has enabled her a different perspective in providing quality and meaningful education to children in a respectful way and encouraging their interests through a prepared environment. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, majoring in Psychology from New Era University, Philippines. She has foundation Montessori training with Montessori Training Preparation of the U.S conducted in the Philippines. She is a proud mother of three children and two of her children have undergone Montessori education. Christine is the lead guide for the Keystone environment.

Assistant Montessori Guide (3-6)

Yoon Sok Ping is a trained preschool teacher and an assistant Montessori guide. She has recently completed her Diploma (Conversion) in Early Childhood Teaching awarded by the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC). Prior to this, she was a police officer serving in the Police Coast Guard for a good 15 years. She was inspired to work with children after seeing how her little nieces and nephews shared with her about their experiences with friends and teachers. She was impressed and believed that it is a very meaningful job to be part of. She loves the Montessori approach that allows the children to learn independently in a stimulating and prepared environment.

Chinese Guide (3-6)

沈玉红 在新加坡从事华文教学16年,她希望孩子们能够在快乐自在的环境中学习,这也是为什么她选择在蒙特梭利的环境中教学,并且一做就是十年。她喜欢和孩子们在一起,看着他们每一步的成长心里非常自豪和满足。她在Learning Capital 受训成为一名学前华文教师并 取得了学前教育的大专文凭。她也拥有中国吉林财贸学院会计专业的大专学历。

Shen Yu Hong has been a preschool Chinese teacher in Singapore for 16 years. She hope all children can be nurtured in a happy and stress-free environment; and this is the reason she chose to work in a Montessori school for 10 years. She loves children, enjoys teaching them Mandarin and seeing them grow up gradually. She was trained as a preschool Chinese teacher at Learning Capital and graduated with a Diploma in Preschool Education. She also holds an Accounting Diploma from Jilin Finance & Trade College.