Normalisation leading to self-confidence

“Wait while observing, that is the motto of the educator.” Dr. Maria Montessori In Montessori education, the term “normalisation” has a specialised meaning. “Normal” does not refer to what is considered to be “typical” or “average” or even “usual”. “Normalisation” does not refer to a process of being forced to conform. Instead, Maria Montessori used… Read More

Do real things!

A Montessorian, Chris Trostel, wrote (below) to share with others and I found it absolutely wonderful! If I knew how to write so beautifully, I would have said the same things! So I am borrowing her write up to share with all of you. I have edited it for clarity. Alrighty. Several folks have asked… Read More

Why parents send their children to Montessori schools

Background Did you know that the Montessori method of education is more than 100 years old? It is a comprehensive child-centred philosophy of education deeply rooted in developmental psychology. The method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s in Rome, Italy and since then, Montessori schools have grown rapidly despite the lack… Read More


“The will has begun to develop and this process continues henceforth, but only as a result of experience. Hence, we are beginning to think of the will not as something inborn, but as something which has to be developed and because it is part of nature, this development can only occur in obedience to natural… Read More

Our thoughts behind our Concert

Every year, we end the year with a little concert put together by the children for their friends and family. It is a time of balancing concert item practice, work and play for the children. Our children manage to do this year after year and we always marvel at how fast they learn dance steps… Read More