It is not “us” vs “them”

A few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend whose child is in a Montessori school. She said to me, “You know, I love Montessori and when I read about all the positive outcomes in Montessori children, I feel I would love to see them in my child, but really, I have not… Read More

Jeremy smiling
The calm amidst the storm

As a Montessori guide, I am fortunate to be able to witness many moments of children concentrating, deeply engaged in a work of their choice, working contentedly and quietly.  Even though I have witnessed this countless times now, in all my years as a guide, it continues to be a wondrous and magical sight to behold.… Read More

Children posing and smiling
A Montessori Guide is a work-in-progress

Introduction One of the factors that drew me into being a Montessori guide was, and still is, the self-reflection that comes with the “job”. Being a Montessori guide calls for self-reflection, and with that, self-improvement, because the children look to you to imitate and emulate. There is much to learn and grow in this area… Read More

Toh family
Sharing at Home

Introduction The first time I walked into a Montessori environment, I noticed an evident absence of duplicate materials on the work shelves. A material was also not pre-assigned to a child by the guides. This meant that the children must somehow learn to “share” the materials. Yet, I rarely saw them squabbling over the use of… Read More

Vikram Saurabh
Tenets in the Montessori philosophy as discovered by a Montessori mum

Introduction I discovered Montessori quite by accident. At the start, when our son was around two, we decided he was probably ready for school, and thinking ourselves to be risk-averse, especially when it comes to education, we assumed what works for everyone will also work for us. No avant-garde, new-fangled schools with fancy themes and… Read More