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Do real things!

A Montessorian, Chris Trostel, wrote (below) to share with others and I found it absolutely wonderful! If I knew how to write so beautifully, I would have said the same things! So I am borrowing her write up to share with all of you. I have edited it for clarity. Alrighty. Several folks have asked… Read More


“The will has begun to develop and this process continues henceforth, but only as a result of experience. Hence, we are beginning to think of the will not as something inborn, but as something which has to be developed and because it is part of nature, this development can only occur in obedience to natural… Read More

Our thoughts behind our Concert

Every year, we end the year with a little concert put together by the children for their friends and family. It is a time of balancing concert item practice, work and play for the children. Our children manage to do this year after year and we always marvel at how fast they learn dance steps… Read More

It is not “us” vs “them”

A few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend whose child is in a Montessori school. She said to me, “You know, I love Montessori and when I read about all the positive outcomes in Montessori children, I feel I would love to see them in my child, but really, I have not… Read More

Jeremy smiling
The calm amidst the storm

As a Montessori guide, I am fortunate to be able to witness many moments of children concentrating, deeply engaged in a work of their choice, working contentedly and quietly.  Even though I have witnessed this countless times now, in all my years as a guide, it continues to be a wondrous and magical sight to behold.… Read More

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A Montessori Guide is a work-in-progress

Introduction One of the factors that drew me into being a Montessori guide was, and still is, the self-reflection that comes with the “job”. Being a Montessori guide calls for self-reflection, and with that, self-improvement, because the children look to you to imitate and emulate. There is much to learn and grow in this area… Read More

Choosing an international school for your child

It’s that time of the year again when many of you are waiting for the letter from the Ministry of Education (MOE) regarding the admission of your children into Primary schools here. You have no choice in the school you want if your children are foreigners. You trust that every local Primary school in Singapore… Read More