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Normalisation leading to self-confidence

“Wait while observing, that is the motto of the educator.” Dr. Maria Montessori In Montessori education, the term “normalisation” has a specialised meaning. “Normal” does not refer to what is considered to be “typical” or “average” or even “usual”. “Normalisation” does not refer to a process of being forced to conform. Instead, Maria Montessori used… Read More

Why parents send their children to Montessori schools

Background Did you know that the Montessori method of education is more than 100 years old? It is a comprehensive child-centred philosophy of education deeply rooted in developmental psychology. The method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s in Rome, Italy and since then, Montessori schools have grown rapidly despite the lack… Read More

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Sharing at Home

Introduction The first time I walked into a Montessori environment, I noticed an evident absence of duplicate materials on the work shelves. A material was also not pre-assigned to a child by the guides. This meant that the children must somehow learn to “share” the materials. Yet, I rarely saw them squabbling over the use of… Read More

Vikram Saurabh
Tenets in the Montessori philosophy as discovered by a Montessori mum

Introduction I discovered Montessori quite by accident. At the start, when our son was around two, we decided he was probably ready for school, and thinking ourselves to be risk-averse, especially when it comes to education, we assumed what works for everyone will also work for us. No avant-garde, new-fangled schools with fancy themes and… Read More