Montessori Primary 2 (MP2)

We are pleased to offer Montessori Primary 2 (MP2) for 4 years of age. The modules will be taught using the Montessori approach, which includes one-to-one, one-to-few and one-to-all presentations. Modules include Practical Life, Language, Sensorial, Math, Geography, Science. Below are the module details for the same:

Course Module Outline of Module
MP2 Practical Life Later stages of Walking on the Line and Silence Game are introduced to the children depending on their readiness. The child is also shown further activities in the Care of Self and Care of Environment categories, like washing the table or sweeping the floor.
MP2 Language ORAL: Picture Folders of each continent are introduced to the children through conversation and this activity also acts as a link to our world. Various games involving different parts of speech are played with the children in order to introduce and familiarise them to the children. Group conversations such as News Periods are held, which give children the opportunity to share their experience and also speak within context.

WRITING: Children work on the Movable Alphabet where they learn to express their thoughts by making words spelt phonetically. They also learn about letter placement (where the letters sit on 4-lined cloth) and letter families (letters whose strokes begin in the same way) with the Movable Alphabet. Children learn to hold a pencil and trace the Metal Insets. This is the beginning stage of writing. The children practice writing the symbols on sand, blackboard, blank paper and finally, lined paper.

READING: Once the child knows all the sounds, he/she is introduced to the Object Box 1 activity which contains short phonetic words. The child then reads through a (pink) series of short phonetic words; followed by a (blue) series of longer phonetic words.

MP2 Sensorial The child is now shown how to discriminate between 3-dimensional geometric shapes and given their names. He/she is shown further activities of visual and stereognostic discrimination. The children are also introduced to exploratory materials which help them to explore and discover based on the knowledge acquired through their senses.

The child is shown the Bells activity. This activity introduces the child to music, its notation and pitch. The children experience the different notes and are later given the names. They also try to make tunes with the sound bells.

MP2 Math The children are introduced to materials in the Group 1 category like: Number Rods and Cards, Sandpaper Numbers, Spindle Box, Cards & Counters and Memory Game; which lay the foundation for quantities from 1-10 and their related numerals.

When the children are able to count accurately from 1-10 with 1-to-1 correspondence, they are introduced to the Decimal Beads & Cards and other activities in the Group 2 category. They are shown the Decimal system and learn to make 4-digit numbers with the cards and quantities.

The children are also introduced to the Teen numbers and, depending on their ability and readiness, linear counting from 1-100 with the materials in Group 3 category.

MP2 Geography (Culture) The child works with the Puzzle Maps of each continent and sensorially understands the size and shape of each country in relation to the other countries in the continent.

The child works with the flags of the different countries of each continent and learns to distinguish the flags of the different countries. The child is also given the names of the parts of a flag.

MP2 Science (Culture) The children are introduced to the different leaf shapes in the Botany Cabinet. They also learn the names of these shapes.