Montessori Primary 3 (MP3)

We are pleased to offer Montessori Primary 3 (MP3) for 5 years of age. The modules will be taught using the Montessori approach, which includes one-to-one, one-to-few and one-to-all presentations. Modules include Practical Life, Language, Sensorial, Math, Geography, Science. Below are the module details for the same:

Course Module Outline of Module
MP3 Practical Life More stages of Walking on the Line and Silence Game are introduced to the children. The child is shown further Care of Self and Care of Environment activities according to his/her ability like simple braiding with 3 strings, mopping the floor, cutting fruits, etc. All Practical Life activities help the child think logically as well as coordinate fine motor skills.
MP3 Language ORAL: The children are introduced to the Question Game which is played with a small group of children. The Question Game builds on a sentence, helping the children listen to full sentences in response to questions and builds vocabulary. The children also play games involving different parts of speech and sound games.

WRITING: The children trace the Capital Sandpaper Letters and learn the names of the Capital Letters and write them on different surfaces. They also learn the sequence of letters. The children are introduced to Punctuation (after they’re able to read) to gain an awareness of the function of the full-stop, comma, question mark and capital letters.

READING: After mastering the phonetic words, the child is introduced to the common double phonogram sounds through the green Sandpaper Letters. Once the child knows all the double phonogram sounds, he/she is introduced to the Object Box 2 activity which contain double phonogram words. The child then reads through a (green) series of double phonogram words. After mastering the common double phonogram sounds, the children are introduced to the Reading Folders which contain variations of spelling of the same sound from the common double phonograms, for eg. ai, ay, a_e, etc. The children also learn some commonly used Puzzle words to facilitate reading. The children read the Action cards, the Environment cards, Picture cards and Classified cards. They can also read simple books in the environment.

MP3 Sensorial The child can work with some of the visual sense activities without using his/her visual sense but instead honing his sense of touch and memory to do these activities.
MP3 Math Using the Group 2 materials, the children are introduced to the operations of Addition and Subtraction. They have many opportunities to practice the operations either in a group or individually with the materials.

The children are introduced to linear and skip counting from 1-1000 using the Group 3 materials.

The children work with the Group 4 materials to deepen their understanding of the operations of Addition and Subtraction.

MP3 Geography (Culture) The child learns the names of the countries in each of the continents.
MP3 Science (Culture) The children work with the Roman Arch, an introduction to buildings and architecture. They continue working with Classified Cards of plants, vertebrates and invertebrates.