Montessori Primary 4 (MP4)

We are pleased to offer Montessori Primary 4 (MP4) for 6 years of age. The modules will be taught using the Montessori approach, which includes one-to-one, one-to-few and one-to-all presentations. Modules include Practical Life, Language, Sensorial, Math, Geography, Science. Below are the module details for the same:

Course Module Outline of Module
MP4 Practical Life More stages of Walking on the Line and Silence Game are introduced to the children. The child is shown further Care of Self and Care of Environment activities according to his/her ability like complex braiding with many strands, washing cloth, etc.
MP4 Language WRITING: The children are introduced to the Written Question Game and learn to think logically and creatively around a sentence. This activity also prepares them for self-expression.

READING: The children read the Definition Stage activity to facilitate logical thinking. They learn the function of different words: article, noun, adjective, conjunction, preposition, verb and adverb. They will do the Word Study activity to explore language. The children will work on Continuation of Command activity where they will learn to analyse the written commands. They will also be introduced to the Reading Analysis activity to expose them to different styles of writing and literary appreciation. It also encourages enhanced self-expression.

MP4 Sensorial The children continue working with the Sensorial materials if they choose to.
MP4 Math The children are shown the operations of Multiplication and Division using the Group 2 materials and they deepen their understanding of the operations using the materials in Group 4. After understanding all the operations, the children work with Word problems, applying what they have learnt to the questions presented to them.

The children are introduced to the materials in Group 5, an extension to the Decimal system, presenting them to numbers up to 1,000,000 and categorising the Decimal system into families. The materials in Group 5 are more abstract in nature and is a passageway for the children from concrete to abstract. The children are also introduced to the Fraction materials in Group 6 and learn to perform the operations of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division on Fractions.

MP4 Geography (Culture) The children continue working with the Geography materials if they choose to.
MP4 Science (Culture) The children continue working with the Science materials if they choose to.