Pathways after LMP

A question that enters most parents’ mind is: “Will my child be prepared for Primary school?” A child who spends 3-4 years in a Montessori Preschool is more than adequately prepared to face any challenge that the child will encounter in life or at any other school due to his/her emotional and social development. Academically, Montessori education is on par and/or exceeds the education offered in traditional/alternate schools. Thus, a child who steps out of Lodestar Montessori Preschool can easily cope and do well in the next step of the child’s educational journey. Do click here to read some of our alumni stories.

Provided that your child does not have any learning disabilities and is on board our enrichment program in the year he/she turns 5, your child would be more than sufficiently prepared to enter into the local Primary school. If your child is a Singapore PR or Dependent Pass holder, your child would (seamlessly) be able to continue his/her Montessori education in our Montessori Elementary school: Lodestar Montessori School.